Our First Post!

June 15, 2008

Posted by: Y

All throughout college, I have always relied on eating take out. Now that I’ve graduated, I am on my own and short on cash- my old ways do not work for my tight wallet anymore. Living in NYC, eating out can get expensive, fast. I’ve enjoyed all of my culinary adventures over the last four years of going to college in the city, but now I’ve realized that I need to cook more at home and make a real effort to be money-conscious. However, now that I’ve begun to cook more out of necessity, I’ve realized that I really enjoy it and want to continue cultivating my culinary skills.

B and I have been great friends since middle school, and have kept in touch even after parting our ways for college after high school. Now, we find ourselves in a similar predicament: the need to save money while keeping ourselves well-fed on our entry-level salaries. We also share a passion for cooking (and baking), though we are still novices. Naturally, we have both gravitated to personal finance and food blogs for the answers to all our monetary and culinary inquiries.

We hope that this online journal of our experiences, recipes and thoughts will eventually become one of the blogs that others can reach out to for advice, just like the many blogs that we admire. :)


2 Responses to “Our First Post!”

  1. Congrats on starting your new blog!

    My experiences with cooking were similar to yours: I needed to watch my budget when I was starting out my career, and as a result found myself cooking at home a lot more. Sure, it was much more economical, but the real bonus was that cooking eventually became one of the great joys of my life!

    Looking forward to reading more.

    Casual Kitchen

  2. asgreen Says:

    I love your blog! I’m constantly struggling with cooking, trying to find frugal foods that still taste great is difficult. I’m looking forward to finding out what you make. =)

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