Introduction to B

June 16, 2008

Posted by: B

In college, I was able to meet the most wonderful man (E), to whom I’m happily living with (along with our dog, two cats, and snake). When we first moved in together, we found ourselves in the typical routine of eating out all the time, ordering take-out Chinese or pizza, or making the occasional pasta at home. It was no surprise when we both gained a few pounds after eating such terribly bad for you, wonderful tasting food all year long. It also didn’t help our finances much either; as two twenty-somethings we’re not exactly making the big bucks here.

Thus, in my senior year of college I vowed to start cooking in an attempt to salvage our financial situation. In the end, I found myself using cooking & baking as an outlet for creativity, instead of a necessity. I’ve really enjoyed the control cooking allows me – Instead of buying or eating processed food, I make everything myself & thus am able to control what goes in my food. The result is that we are both healthier, weigh less, and have adapted to a more active lifestyle. In the examination of my finances, I also found that we have saved a significant amount of money by cooking at home (we hardly ever eat out nowadays, I’d like to think I cook well enough that he doesn’t miss it!). Now, I find ways to save even more money by cooking – through coupons & stocking up on items when they are on sale. I hope my changes will inspire other people to do the same. As Y said, we both greatly admire other bloggers in the finance/cooking community and hope to share our experiences with others as well. 


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